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Spotlight Selection

In addition to the programming of films from Concordia Cinema students, the CFF is proud to present five screening events. “Spotlight" is comprised of five sections open to all cinema, communications and media students at a post-secondary institution around the world.


"Aquatic Fantastical Organic" - Emma Johansson (Finland)
"DNA Poetry: Erika"  - Barbara Finck-Beccafico  (Canada)
"Qualia o espejismo" - Nicolás Alberto Falquez Hidalgo (Ecuador)
"The Impasse of the Two Angels"  - Clara Lazare (France)
"Blanket Song" - Long Xi Vlessing (Canada)
"Passing Place" -  Shaun Finneran, Sofia Petersen (United Kingdom)
"Usambara Violet" - Aman Wadhan (Hungary)
"Susurros del Hormigon" - Matías Rojas Ruz (Chile)
"Protostase" - Tiberio Suppressa (France)
"WEAK" - Baran Efe Öztürk (Turkey)
"Night Ride" - Yu Hsin Chen (Taiwan)
"Eyes and Horns" - Chaerin Im (South Korea)
"Time Glider" - Jacob Allen Johnston (United States)

Spotlight on Midnight Movies

"Umpan" - Lau Yen Hang (Malaysia)
"Continental" - Henrik Trøan Schefte and Snorre Johnsen Ulvåg (Norway)
"Hanged Man's Revenge" - Fabio Catalano, Alex Cattabriga, and Matteo Ferrari (Italy)
"Interwined"  - Lucas Bascans (France)
"The Visitor" - Olivier Côté (Canada)
"The Hitman" - Matthew Donley (United States)
"A Horse With A Horn" - Hyunkyung Lee (South Korea)
"Elsewhere" - Simon S. O'Reilly (Canada)
"Lonely Souls" - Finn Morgan-Roberts (United Kingdom)
"Kuro Blues" - Carina Zidan and Marlon Math (Germany)


"30" - Juliette Balthazard (Canada)
"The Hanged Man" - Antonio Stellato (Canada)
"Remember" - Vladimir Chindea (Canada)
"The awakening of the ape" - Philippe Besner (Canada)
"Plight" - Emad Mohammadi (Canada)
"The Architect"  - Mathieu Lorain Dignard (Canada)
"Dracudate"  - Rhael McGregor (Canada)
"Prey" - Antony Boudreau Savoie (Canada)
"Problems of Synchronization"  - Charles Gourde (Canada)
"Laundering" - Sara Ben Saud (Canada)

Spotlight on Underrepresented Voices

"KAMAYAN" - Minerva Navasca (Canada)
"Zì Jǐ " - Erin Lum, Corinne Langmuir (Canada)
"Burn" - Maitén Del Valle (Argentina)
"SNOW" - Anna Valkanou (Greece)
"Code Red" -  Jada Poon (United States)
"Dinner Time" - Hadi Yaghmaee, Matin Talebzadeh (Iran)
"Through Her Eyes"  - Jason Haji-Ali (Australia)
"Holy Mary" - Giulia Tomasini (Brazil)
"New Year's Eve" - Zeyingtai Steven Lyu (United States)


"In Between Glass and Wall" - Razan Hassan (Netherlands)
"Meat Department" - Will Jewkes (United States)
"I don't feel at home anymore" - Viv Li (Belgium, China)
"Eviction Excerpt" - Lisa Hofmann (Germany)
"117/323" - Theo Parent (Canada)
"When Beirut was Beirut" - Alessandra El Chanti (Lebanon)
"REQUERIMIENTO" - Andrea Bordoli (Switzerland)
"Ray of Hope" - Ridhima Sharma (India)
"Where are you now?" - Eneos Çerka (Albania)

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