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Spotlight Selection

In addition to the programming of films from Concordia Cinema students, the CFF is proud to present five screening events. “Spotlight" is comprised of five sections open to all cinema, communications and media students at a post-secondary institution around the world.


"Porous" - Katharina Mänz (Germany)
"Gods of the Supermarket" - Alberto Gonzalez Morales  (Switzerland)
"PINK ENGINE"  - Joanie Roy, Simon Lebrun (Canada)
"Living Fish" - Isabela Costa (Brazil)
"2132 People are watching" -  Komeil Soheili (Italy)
"White Shoes" - Simone Bethancourt (United States)
"Mydriasis" - Eduardo Monteiro (Brazil)
"eth_OS" - Victor Galles (Brazil)
"Nostalgia para el Lago" - Arturo Maciel (Argentina)

Lights Out
Spotlight on Midnight Movies

"Delta" - Dailos Vega (Spain)
"DEADLINE" - Deivid Allan Encarnacion (Philippines)
"Conceived from Dreams" - Annika Patricia Murdock (United States)
"Operago" - Rayna P. Buxton (United States)
"There is a Hole in the Ground" - Aidan Cronin (United States)
"INSIDE" - Mohamed Hany EL-khatib (Egypt)
"The Other" - Negah Sohrabi (Iran)
" - Santiago Torres (Mexico)

Canadian Fiction

"Sleepy Sally" - Joan Nuguid (Canada)
"The Collector" - Renaud Gélinas (Canada)
"The Line" - Myriam Guérin (Canada)
"In Foetu" - Jacob Khayat (Canada)
"Omukama" - Zane Klassen (Canada)
"The Apartment Next Door" - Jérémie Gravel (Canada)
"Pourquoi tu danses pas princesse" - Rosalie Pelletier (Canada)
" - Weiwei Wu (Canada)

Spotlight on Underrepresented Voices

"Intimacy" - Matteo Giampetruzzi (Italy)
"Junko" - Minsho Limbu (Nepal)
"Lavender" - Hannes Van de Mosselaer, Aron Le Bastard (Belgium)
"Walking in These Shoes" - Christian Hui, Samuel Ernesto Lopez (Canada)
"Voice" -  Rey Anthony Villaverde (Philippines)
"Bar of Soap" - Bárbara Pedrosa (Portugal)
"My little rabbit"  - Ira Sliusar (Germany)


"Here, Hopefully" - Hao Zhou (United States)
"The Weigh of Memories at My Feet" - Tariq Abdalla (Egypt)
"All We Need is A Little Breath" - Theint Mon Soe (Myanmar)
"October 5th" - Lili Labelle (Canada)
"In Order for A Dune to Form" - Jordy Brazo (United States)
"Three-day Silk Lane" - Dazhi Huang (China)

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