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Mel Hoppenheim Selection

Filmmaking 1

"The Natural Movement Against the Flow" - Mostafa Alimoradi  

"Psychic Donation Contract" - Joé Barabé 

"Until We Meet Again" - Carolina Dobiszewska

"Continuum" - Joseph Bottaro 

"The Athlete Mindset" - Dalia Brassard

"I Went Out As A Girl" - Ellie Charette

"REMINISCENCE" - Rose Duchesne

"Trois centimètres pour respirer" - Émile Crevier 

"DENNIS" - Ross Ferguson

"Travailleur de nuit" -Arnaud Gingra

"The Company We Keep" - Wojciech Jakubiec

 "Créatures divines" - Arielle Lone

"Light Of My Life" -Wence Maillat

 " End of the Court" - Alec Nikoghossian

"Mackosiwin Resilience" - Katherine Ottawa-Nequado

"The Tree And The Child" - Kirill Pichakhchi

"For All That Could Have Been" - Arian Salarian

Filmmaking 2

"Gags N’ Gals" - Natacha Bianchet

"Aking Senakulo" - Jela Dela Peña 

"Lixiviat" - Marika Fortin-Turmel

"L’Heure qu’il est" - Raphaele Fournier

"Une laveuse SVP" - Roxana Baloiu

"Bibitte" - Marianne Hébert Beaulieu

"Telephoned" - Jacob Mahfound

"My Dad Is In Love With The Sea" - Yann Reynolds

"Ni chaud ni froid" - Alexis Richards

"The Other Side" - Abigail-Joy Rosales

"Elle" - Anna Haze

"Lost In A Memory" - Sydney Shelton

"This Is Where You Will Find Me" - Baco Lepage-Acosta "Nice Parties and Good Clothes" - Benjamin Thomae "Thirteen Portraits For Future Reference" - Gabriel Tremblay

"An Ever Reaching Tide" - Aiden Wagner

"T-Shirt Movie" - Euan O'leary

Filmmaking 3

"It Is What It Is" - Nicole Doummar
"Le Close" - Zaël Gourd
"Presque visible" - Sacha Leduc
"Rodeo" - Liam Weiss

Animation 1

"Bear Behaviour" - Alexanne Fry

"Tzum-Tzum" - Andrew Anghelescu

"Melonhead" - Marie-Anne Decarie

"Get Ready With Me" - Lea Galarneau

"L’Amour atomique" - Antoine Girard

"Reborn" - Marie-Lou Gonzales

"You Would’ve Liked This" - Sparky Jarvenpaa "Crescendo/Decrescendo" - Jean-Baptise Etienne

"An Ego and I" - Jesu Medina

"Paroxysme" - Jeanne Lemay

"Night Drive" - Mikelle Manniste

"Quiet Wounded Nerves" - Anika Poch-McKee

"Limerence" - Ramona Rowan

"Long Way Home" - Grace Rondon

"Don’t Carry the World Upon Your Chest" - Meli Sommer "Engrossed" - Anika Sorkilmo

"Golden Apple" - Haiyun Sun

"Glow" - Jessica Toca

"Tour-Tan" - Yann Le Bihan

"Mr Kapre" - Daniel Volante

"The Fruits of Nihilo" - John Yates

"Swing" - Camila Zavala Gonzalez

Animation 2

"Fission" - Dmitry Brazehnko

"All Roads Lead to Home" - Julia Bzowski "Les bons moments" - Jasmine Carpentier "An Endless Battle" - Mollika Chakraborty "Fall" - Florence Charbonneau

 "Chrysalis" - Elisabeth Cody

"Grown Up" - Scott Gowan

"L’Aube hivernale" - Rachel Derouin

"Cafe de Olla" - Ximena Espinosa

"To Feel" - Ximena Espinosa

"Safin" - Philippe Estrada

"A Body Transgressive" - Charlie McClure "Crowe" - Charlie McClure

"Hybernia" - Max Shoham

"Grand Mal" - Rayane Kabbara

"Spot" - Rayane Kabbara

"Surreal Street" - Justin Lemay

"Ceux dans la nuit" - Évelyne Loignon-Lapointe

"Laments of Andalusia" - Anas M’birkou "Ladyskin" - Diün Macdonald "

You" - Raya Neufeld

"Anything Can Happen" - Sarah Nogues and Kiana Tom

"Rinse and Repeat" - Sarah Nogues

"There Are Things You Shouldn’t Know" - Miu Onozuka

"Hybernia" - Max Soham

"The Clock Is Ticking" - Thibault Picquoin "Tempodégénérative" - Lea Saint-Laurent "Irrational" - Katya Tavitian

"Playing God" - Katya Tavitian

"New Moon" - Tianyu Zhang

"Another Trip Around The Sun" - Kiana Tom "Bedrot" - Saehee Yoon

Animation 3

"Spirit of the Night" - Abou Anza

"Hair-Raising" - Angela Athanasopoulos

"High Tail" - Victoria Biste

"Orange amère" - Laurence Bonenfant

"Le Rôti" - Cristina-Ioana Ciubotaru 

"Synodic" - Rebecca Devitt

"Tender Embrace" - Andrea Fabrice Pascual

"Throne of Jamshid" - Yalda Jenabpour

"Eulogy" - Abdellah Kafile

"Toothache" - Marianne Lavergne

"Patterned Dreams" - Jasmine Loiseau

"Abby" - Fanny Lord-Bourcier

"Lament" - Kimia Mirjahani

"Vexatious" - Sophie Mullen

"The Second Coming" - Antonia Neatby

"The Woman Card" - Eman Pirzada

"Birth of a Doodle" - Elisa Pontes

"Lost In The Laundry" - Salem Preusser

"The People" - Sara Salsabili

"Ruines d'equinoxe" - Philippe Shewchenko

"The Data Scraper" - Joshua Stewart

"The Gaze" - Ailian Wu

"Terry & Bob" - Changjin Chen

"Alice & Slice" - Yuke Wu

"Hey Cowboy" - Phineas Ambrose Savchenko

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