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MAtv, an exclusive service for Videotron customers, serves the community by reflecting Québec’s diversity. It gives all citizens access to a medium of free expression and outreach promoting public participation. MAtv carries useful, informative and educational programming which focuses on topics of local interest and supports the emergence of new talent. It also reflects realities of concern to the community of 1.6 million households it serves across Québec. MAtv is broadcast on channel 9 and in HD at position 609. It is also available on the Web through, illico TV on channel 900 and MAtv is also present on social media including Facebook and Instagram.

Screening information

Videotron’s community cable network MAtv features four half-hour episodes about the CFF that runs from February 11th to May 26th, 2019. Each week, one episode will air in the times shown below. For more information on what each episode features, keep scrolling.

Happy viewing!

 TuesdaY                               Wednesday                         Thursday                       Friday                            Sunday

1:00, 4:30, 22:00                                          5:30                                                    17:30, 23:00                                 5:00, 13:00                               1:00, 2:00

Episode 1

community, understanding identity,
young love

Monday (dir. Alice Gaboury-Moreau) - 1:36


The Fire Within (dir. Camille Verreault) – 2:01

Impermanence (dir. Tanya Leahy) – 2:23

Saturation (dir. Melissa Rousseau) – 1:27

The Song of the Phoenix (dir.Kunyuan Wang & Siyu Dai) – 1:40

Crush (dir. Merav Epstein) – 1:01 

Nosesleeves (dir. Siyu Dai) – 1:47

Dreamer (dir. Olga Okolelova) – 2:24

Autant que comme la Floride (dir. Antoine Foley-Dupont) – 7:00


February 11 - 17
March 11 - 17
April 8 - 14

May 6 - 12

Episode 2

family and home

​Hooked (dir. Bruce Fagen) - 2:46

Interview with Bruce​ Fagen

Home​ (dir. Diana Tapia Munguia) – 2:44

Entre Quatre Murs (dir. Sandrine Martin) – 1:10

Towards the mountain,
Towards the sea​ (dir. 

Interview with Shira​ Avni

Mon pere travaille de nuit (dir. Zachary Ayotte) - 13:58






February 18 - 24
March 18 - 24
April 15 - 21
May 13 - 19

Episode 3

history, experimental, adventure and exploration

Bog Bodies (dir. Serena Fisher – 3:03)

Interview with Serena Fisher

Motel Blues (dir. Susan Shulman) – 1:33

Let's Talk Ergonomics (dir. Rachel Samson) – 1:15

The Night Sky Diver

Hag Ridden (dir. Sandy Mei) – 1:26

Interview with Jean Claude ​Bustros

Cul-de-Sacs (dir. Maximes S. Girard) - 12:00


February 25 - March 3
March 25 - 31
April 22 - 28
May 20 - 26

Episode 4

death, celebration of life,
absurd comedy

ICU (dir. Zhu Xiao Dong) – 1:15

Interview with Xiaodong Zhu​

Aging Narcissus (dir.Gilnaz Arzpeyma) – 1:17​


Gratitude​ (dir. Siyu Dai) – 2:25

A Guy Who's Really Bummed About High Fives: The Movie (dir. Ranee-Inez Henegan-Comeau) – 1:36

Last Meal​ (dir. Louis Bodart) – 1:37

Interview with Rosanna Maule​

Quatre par quatre (dir. Zacharie Lareau) - 13:13 






March 4 - 10

April 1 - 7

April 29 - May 5

Featured guests

Sam Holzberg

CFF Co-Director

Jean-Claude Bustros
Chair, Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema

Siam Obregon

CFF Co-Director

Shira Avni
Professor, Film Animation

Alexandre G. Vermeil
2017/18 CFF Director

Rosanna Maule
Professor, Film Studies

Bruce Fagen
Filmmaker, Hooked

Xiaodong Zhu
Filmmaker, ICU

Kaykeria Bernard
Reporter, MaTV

Pamela Pagano
Reporter, MaTV

Other guests:  Serena Fisher, Filmmaker, Bog Bodies

The Concordia Film Festival operates on the unceded traditional territory
of the Kanien’kehá:ka people. The island called “Montreal” is known as Tiotia:ke
in the language of the Kanien’kehá:ka, and it has historically been a
meeting place for other Indigenous nations, including the Algonquin people.